The Acclamator-class cruiser is the backbone of early-tech Imperial fleets. This frigate carries 3 TIE fighter squadrons and one TIE bomber squadron, and has an abundant supply of armaments, some of it shield-penetrating. With its armament it can serve as a reliable support vessel for larger capital ships. At later tech levels, the ship is limited by its weak armor, although it is the only Imperial capital ship to have an unreachable shield generator.

Acclamators are armed with 2 turbolaser batteries for engaging other starships, 2 laser cannons for defense against fighters, and a concussion missile launcher and proton torpedo battery for dealing damage past an adversary's shields.

Statistics Edit

Class: Frigate
Affiliation: Empire
Damage: 30
Tactical Heath: 2000
Shield Points: 600
Shield Refresh Rate: 62 points/sec
Cost: 2500 credits
Build Time: 30 seconds
Speed: 2.2
Hyperspace Capable: Yes (1.5)
Sublight Speed: 2.2
Population Slots: 3
Req. Space Station: Level 2
Acclamator-class cruiser


While they may be old, Acclamators are very effective against ships such as corvettes. Unfortunately, they won't stand up against bigger and more modern ships, especially in numbers. These ships are good in a battle against a medium-armed Rebellion army; they can provide support to larger ships, by launching an extra wing of TIE fighters and bombers and by providing fire support with a mix of turbolasers, laser cannons, missile launchers, and torpedo tubes.

The vessel usually gets its support role filled by the more durable Victory-class cruiser in late tech, but it still has its niche roles; for example, it is better-suited for chasing down corvettes due to its higher speed, and its shield-penetrating armament can more easily track the maneuverable corvettes.

One Acclamator and its complement of fighters is enough to be able to destroy an Alliance Space Station at level 2, if the station's hangar and shield-bypassing weaponry are destroyed quickly.

Strong against: Corellian Corvette, Corellian Gunship, Marauder Cruiser

Weak against: Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Y-wing, Assault Frigate