Death Star
Death star
Product Information
Cost20,000 credits
Technical Specifications
ClassBattle Station
Shield Refresh RateN/A
Hyperspace CapableYes (0.25)

The Death Star was a giant spherical space station created by the Empire, that had the firepower to destroy an entire planet, and later, individual enemy ships. The Death Star is often used as a final level in flight simulators or as a superweapon for the Empire. It was known for its flaw, the exhaust port, which the rebels exploited in the battle of Yavin and was improved on the Death Star II, in which all exhaust ports were shielded.

Gameplay Edit


The Death Star in Empire at War

The Death Star in its phase one version in Empire at War is capable of destroying the enemy planet and all units on the surface in a single shot, though it can only fire once per battle. In Galactic Conquest, the Death Star requires a Level Five Space Station to construct, and 20,000 credits. However, it is vulnerable to a fighter attack. In the final mission of the Rebellion campaign, the player must destroy it. If Luke Skywalker is present in the battle when it is won, it will be destroyed.